Boom Chicka Mom & Pop! Dan & Angie Bastian and Tony Robbins
October 23, 2022

Boom Chicka Mom & Pop!

One Couple’s Road to a $250M Acquisition

In this episode, we drop you inside a Tony Robbins Business Mastery seminar for a 1-hour masterclass explaining HOW TO BUILD A BRAND, SHOWCASE YOUR X FACTOR, and BRING YOUR PRODUCT or SERVICE to a COMPETITIVE MARKET.

Listen or watch Tony Robbins in a one-on-one interview with the co-founders of BOOMCHICKAPOP, a wildly successful brand that completely disrupted the snack industry.

Angie and Dan Bastian were looking to put aside some money for their kids’ college fund when they started a small kettle corn business out of the family’s garage. Initially selling popcorn at chilly Minnesota fairs and festivals, and then NFL Vikings games, the couple soon took their popcorn to Trader Joe’s, Target, Costco, and beyond – gaining a crash course in how to operate a business and manage a team along the way.

The real game changer took place when the then-named Angie’s Kettle Corn embraced a bold new identity: BOOMCHICKAPOP. Angie retired from life as a nurse practitioner and Dan from teaching history to run their company full-time. And after years of commitment and perseverance, the Bastians sold their business in 2017 to Chicago-based Conagra Brands for $250 million.

In this candid conversation, the couple reveals their journey (that included UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN) and facing their fears, going ALL-IN, falling in love with their clients and connecting to the needs and desires of that customer base led to their ultimate success.


[1:47] Introduction to Angie and Dan Bastian
[3:42] How Angie and Dan met
[6:48] Angie and Dan attend Tony’s Unleash The Power Within
[7:41] Facing your fears
[10:14] Starting a business as a couple
[14:37] Being thought of as crazy
[16:07] Gaining proximity to the Minnesota Vikings
[17:13] Importance of building bonds
[20:20] To gain a seat at the table, you must commit everything
[21:35] Say yes to every opportunity
[26:07] There’s always a solution
[30:22] Raising private equity
[32:32] Only 2.5 seconds to capture a consumer’s attention
[33:35] Coming from a position of empowerment
[37:04] Origin of the BoomChickaPop name
[40:39] Talking directly to consumers
[42:56] Dividing labor as a couple
[45:08] Maintaining a relationship despite stress
[47:20] Selling the company
[49:22] How it felt to distribute funds to colleagues
[51:59] Committing to business relationships
[57:33] Audience question from Javier: What was the process of selling your company?
[1:00:29] Audience question from Aaron: What was your goal for the company?
[1:03:56] Audience question from Kaley: How did you feel when you sold the business?
[1:06:11] Audience question from Annabelle: What kept you going through the tough times?
[1:12:33] Audience question from Ryan: If you (Chris) were to develop Shazam again today, what would you do differently?
[1:15:16] Audience question from Anjelica: How many times did your brand evolve?
[1:21:40] Final question from Tony: What’s the single best piece of advice that you’ve gotten in business?
[1:26:30] Sign off

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