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“The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”

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Tony Robbins

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How can the anniversary of 9/11 be used to change your life? old

10th Anniversary 9/11 Events As the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 events comes to pass, most everyone will be remembering that day in detail. I’m curious, where were you on September 11, 2001? What were your first thoughts? The moment you heard the news of the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, […]


Handling your partner’s success

The ability to understand what your partner wants and needs at a fundamental level is one of the most important things you can cultivate on behalf of your relationship. Businesspeople who can reliably perceive customer needs can create “raving fan customers,” and this raving fan mentality is just as powerful at home as it is […]


How to empower your partner

Our relationships define our entire lives. This is not because we cannot think independently or because we lack a sense of self. It is because relationships with others either fuel the fire of our success or drain us of the will to achieve more. When you learn to create a raving fan culture at home […]

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