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“Leaders solve problems and leaders maximize resources. If you’re going to solve problems, you can’t do it yourself or it would’ve already been solved. You have to get others to help you to do it, that requires influence.”

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Tony Robbins

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My interview with Holocaust Survivor Alice-Herz Sommer

Many people believe they’re under extreme stress, and a result, many lose sight of a compelling future. It can be difficult to focus on the bigger picture if you’re feeling bogged down by everyday annoyances. For those people who get caught up in the small irritations of everyday life, I offer the story of Alice- […]


Leadership Secret Two: A Leader’s Edge in Uncertain Times

In the previous post we discussed the quality of pure energy and its impact on your ability to inspire and lead a team. Today we’ll look at the second core quality extraordinary leaders share, EMOTIONAL MASTERY. When all hell is breaking loose, your capacity to find your center, and to help yourself and others to […]


20 inspirational business quotes

Sometimes you need a little nudge in the right direction – something to help you push ahead when things get tough. It’s easy to refer to strategies and strictly follow your Massive Action Plan, but sometimes you don’t need numbers or outlined steps to feel like you can do something great and create a breakthrough […]

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