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February 6, 2024

Tony Robbins Exclusive: Holy Grail of Investing – Chapter 1

Tony Robbins Exclusive: Holy Grail of Investing – Chapter 1

Mark your calendars for February 13, 2024, as Tony Robbins — the unparalleled force in life/business strategy and financial insight — is back with his eagerly anticipated new book “The Holy Grail of Investing.”

The final book in Tony’s legendary financial freedom trilogy, Tony reveals the strategies and insights of some of the world’s most successful investors.

As a special bonus, Tony is sharing the audio version of Chapter One for free, which he’s narrated himself.

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ABOUT TONY’S BOOK: Tony Robbins, alongside renowned investor Christopher Zook, delves into the realm of alternative investments, unlocking the doors to unprecedented financial success. The duo sat down with over a dozen of the world’s leading investment minds, each managing vast fortunes in private equity, private credit, private real estate, and venture capital. Combined, these visionaries oversee a staggering half a trillion dollars on behalf of investors.

Some of the names include:

-Robert F. Smith – Founder of Vista Equity Partners, recognized as the most successful enterprise software investor in history.
-Vinod Khosla – Founder of Khosla Ventures, a legendary figure in Venture Capital known for transforming a $4 million investment into a $7 billion windfall.

-Michael B. Kim – Revered as the “Godfather of Private Equity” in Asia, Kim has created the largest private equity firm on the continent, making him South Korea’s wealthiest man.

And the list goes on!

Tony and Zook share the favorite strategies and profound insights of these investment titans. Learn from the best, as they disclose their time-tested methods to achieve financial prosperity.


How to take advantage of the trillions flowing into private equity by becoming an owner of firms that manage assets and share in generated revenue.

How to leverage two to three times higher returns of private credit as an alternative (or complement) to bonds.

How new rule changes allow individual investors to own a piece of major professional sports teams (MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS) and benefit from this fanatically driven asset class.

How to invest in the “energy evolution” and ride the wave of trillions in global investments.

How investments in private real estate can work as an inflationary hedge and source of tax-efficient income.

How many of the world’s greatest investors thrive in good times and bad.

PRE-ORDER NOW FOR A SPECIAL REWARD: Once you’ve secured your copy today by pre-ordering from your favorite online retailers – visit, enter your proof of purchase, and gain free access to Tony’s exclusive ten-part video series on the “7 Pillars of Business Mastery.” This is a great opportunity to level up your financial game.

The journey to financial freedom begins on February 13, 2024! Please enjoy chapter one!

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