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September 30, 2022

The mind-body connection

Deepak Chopra on how controlling your mind can control your physiology

We are unlocking the vaults to bring you exclusive, in-depth conversations between Tony and outstanding achievers and impressive innovators. These dynamic individuals are not just experts in their respective fields – they are pioneers. They are charting new territory and breaking new ground. And their insights, ideas and drive are shaping the world we live in.

Each episode will include a wealth of powerful ideas and strategies that you can use immediately to increase income, influence others more effectively, advance your career, enhance your personal relationships, improve your health, eliminate fears, and experience more joy and fulfillment in your life.

In this episode, you will hear an exciting conversation between Tony and Deepak Chopra, as they discuss the principles of lifelong health, the spiritual forces that shape our lives and the immense power of the mind-body connection.

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Who is Deepak Chopra?

Renowned for blending Eastern philosophy with Western medicine, Dr. Deepak Chopra is the author of best-sellers such as Ageless Body, Tireless Mind; The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; and Grow Younger, Live Longer. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, an adjunct professor of Executive Programs at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and an adjunct professor at the Columbia University Business School.

TIME magazine has described him as “one of the top heroes and icons of the century.” And The Huffington Post global internet survey ranks him as the #17 influential thinker in the world and #1 in medicine. He has authored more than 80 books, which have been translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.

The exquisite human body

Through his work, Dr. Chopra has witnessed dramatic remissions in patients with chronic illness and even cancer. He has relieved people of dependence on drugs. He began to wonder, “What’s really happening here?” Now, he knows that “the human body is an exquisite pharmacy.” It’s evolved over billions of years of evolutionary time. This huge library of information is right at our fingertips, and medical innovations like precision medicine aim to leverage it.

Our biggest misconceptions

The biggest misconception about the human body is that the world is made up of physical objects in space and time, and if there is consciousness, it’s a secondary effect. We believe that we are physical machines that have learned how to think, when in fact, says Dr. Chopra, “we are thoughts that have learned how to create the physical machine.”

Creating our world

Dr. Chopra says, “We are not the mind, we create the mind, we create the body. And through our body and through our mind, we ultimately create our experience of the world.” This is similar to what Tony tells us about how our beliefs create our world. Yet our beliefs don’t just create our mental and emotional experiences – they also create our physical experiences.

The power of belief to change biochemistry

There are processes going on in our body all the time: eating, breathing, digestion, metabolism, elimination. Yet ultimately, our consciousness controls it all. Our bodies engage in communication at a cellular level – they contain a network of intelligence and information. This is why whatever we believe in our heart of hearts seems to show up in our body. Or as Dr. Chopra says, “The body is a printout of our consistent thoughts, of our consciousness.”

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Perceptions create reality

We create both the body and the mind through our self-interaction. Just as the meaning we give to an event becomes the event, the meanings we give to our experiences become our biochemical reality. We can become more effective at interpreting our experiences – and, in turn, we can change our physiology.

The body and the mind are not two separate things. They are the same thing. Nothing happens in the mind without it happening in the body. This is why meditation is effective and loneliness shortens our lifespans. Listen to the podcast to learn how you can condition yourself at the cellular level and change your body, mind and spirit.

Deepak Chopra

[3:20] Deepak’s journey to mind-body medicine
[7:20] Finding more impact and influence
[9:10] The hypnosis of social conditioning
[10:40] The power of belief to change physiology
[11:00] The biggest misconception about the human body
[13:00] What is the human body?
[17:00] The body’s ability to overturn cells
[19:00] A systematic way of interpreting life experiences
[22:20] The placebo effect
[26:00] The “nocebo” effect
[28:50] Neuro-associative conditioning
[32:30] The role of your olfactory system
[33:30] The mind-body connection

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