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December 30, 2020

Make this year your best one ever

Reflecting on the year and finding the blessing with Tony and Sage Robbins

Even when it’s been a challenging year, there are so many blessings – if we take the time to stop and look. If we understand that life is happening for us, not to us. If we see obstacles as opportunities and learn to find the beauty in everything around us. If we realize that everything we are going through is actually a gift, helping us to grow and evolve.

A new year is a time for reflection. In this third and final Fireside Chat, Tony and Sage share the rituals they do together with their family each year to help them reconnect, ground themselves in gratitude and appreciate everything that’s happened in the past 12 months.

The Robbins’ new year traditions

The first thing Tony and Sage do each year is make a slideshow. Choose your favorite photos, set it to music and play it for the whole family. Notice how much goes on in a year. Talk about the ups and downs. Remember your best times and be grateful for them.

Next, pull out your calendar and your journal if you have one. Note your big accomplishments (and the little ones!), remember the magic moments and reconnect to the joy and laughter that can easily be forgotten. Consider the challenges of the past year, too, through a different lens – the circumstances or situations that may have caused pain at the time but pushed you to evolve and grow, build resilience and forge progress.

Sage likes to set the environment as well. She plays the family’s favorite music, lights the fire and sets the lighting just right. Her favorite part is that, while everyone is having their own experience, the family is also sharing an experience. It’s the perfect way to end the year – even when the year was imperfect.

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How to have an extraordinary year

As Tony says, “You are more than anything that could happen to you.” Be your best self, no matter the environment. Discipline your disappointment and focus on what’s right. Trade your expectations for appreciation. Remember that life is about giving, not getting – and you get back what you give tenfold.

As you’ll hear in this episode, as we head into the New Year and this entirely new world we all find ourselves in, Tony wants to give you the opportunity to grow even more, and create whatever it is you truly desire – the life you were made for.

Listen now to hear the announcement about the gift he is offering, free of charge, so that you can make this year not just better than the last, but your best year ever.

Tony & Sage Robbins Christmas

[01:39] Welcome back from Tony and Sage
[00:52] Tony explains the first chat: Finding the blessing
[02:52] What happens when you take control of your internal world
[03:25] Being the blessing = when you focus on giving, not getting
[04:17] Description of the Quality Quantifier, a tool for more enjoyment
[04:46] What it means to be blessed: Life is happening for you, not to you
[05:12] Grace is not luck, it is a reflection of our contributions
[05:28] Sage describes her understanding and experience of grace
[05:57] Examples of noticing moments of grace in the everyday
[06:48] Birds in flight – witnessing nature’s small miracles
[08:13] How our habits changed in 2020, slowing down
[08:32] Anybody can get stirred up in a moment, how to come back home inside yourself
[08:57] Tony: We all have expectations… trade those for appreciation
[09:18] Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul: “Grace is like rain…”
[09:52] Sharing the tradition from their family + a gift for everyone for 2021
[10:25] Description of how to make the slideshow of the year
[11:16] By month, what were the accomplishments (large and small)
[11:27] What were the magic moments? Laughter, joy and sacred moments
[12:15] Sage provides a detailed description of the environment
[12:38] Looking at the most painful moments, seeing how they were beautiful
[13:22] “We keep all the lessons, the magic, and we burn all the problems and pain.”
[13:56] The tradition of letting it go = a purposeful and meaningful experience
[14:40] Keeping a record, the history and the themes throughout the years
[15:00] Why Tony hosted a free Comeback Challenge midway through 2020
[15:39] New Year’s resolutions are not resolutions, they are not truly resolved
[16:15] How 2021 can be your best year ever
[16:26] What is something in your life today that was once a dream or desire?
[16:56] The power of continuous focus and true obsession
[17:20] Massive action and effective execution
[17:42] What you need: Strategies for each area of your life
[18:00] The New World, New You Challenge in January 2021
[18:15] You can’t build on failure, so capture this year and see the accomplishments
[18:42] “You are more than anything that can happen to you.”
[19:00] Closing and encouragement to join the challenge:

Author and Robbins family friend Michael Singer has said, “Grace is like rain, it’s all over the place. But we hold an umbrella over our head called ego so we don’t feel it.” This new year, take in the blessings. Find the gift in every painful experience. Even the most difficult moments, the most uncomfortable moments can be beautiful, because they bring you back to yourself, and ultimately bless your life. Find the blessing, be the blessing and your life will be blessed.

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