Expand Your Identity image of Mary B., and Tony & Sage Robbins
November 22, 2022

Expand Your Identity

Featuring Tony Robbins, Sage and Mary B.

In this special podcast episode of The Tony Robbins Podcast, you’ll hear from Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and podcast host Mary B., as they discuss the most important tool for creating lasting change: IDENTITY.

Have you ever asked yourself, why did I try to make a change but not succeed? Often, it’s “how” we define ourselves that can lead to either our success or stagnation.

As Tony notes, “The most powerful force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.” In fact, after 45 years of working with people in 195 countries – from the most successful to the most challenged – Tony believes that the single most important element in understanding what drives a person is to understand how they identify themselves.

Identity is simply the culmination of the beliefs that shape how we perceive ourselves. These beliefs control how we think, feel and interact with the world around us. They also influence what we decide to do (and not do) in our own lives. Therefore, as Sage Robbins explains, what we put after “I am” is something we must always be mindful of.

By the end of this conversation, we hope you’ll have the tools and inspiration to update – and upgrade – your own sense of identity. Maybe it’s time to expand it as you move toward a life of growth. Or perhaps remove some of those labels that might be limiting you.


[00:45] Introduction by Tony Robbins – The Power of Identity
[01:25] Definition of Identity
[3:32] The downside to identifying oneself
[4:04] How attaching the words “I am” to something can turn into a belief
[6:28] People are not their behaviors
[9:23] Identity is the controlling force in life
[13:45] Tony’s goal for this podcast
[17:23] Mary B. begins with Tony Robbins trivia: What is Tony’s teaching on identity?
[18:23] “The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.” – Tony Robbins
[19:38] Our behavior is not our entire identity
[22:55] Expanding your identity
[25:00] Sage discusses her experience in Dubai
29:09] Sage offers a political identity anecdote
[32:41] Questioning our own labels
[36:24] Mary discusses the concept of “chunking”
[38:30] “Life is an unlearning of who I thought I was.” – Sage Robbins
[44:06] Albert Einstein and widening one’s “circle of compassion”
[47:23] Who am I? Who am I really?
[51:23] The importance of looking into your own eyes
[53:01] Erik Erikson and Identity Crisis
[01:01:13] Summary of discussion
[01:01:39] Sign off

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