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May 13, 2021

Master the current financial landscape

Expert insights from bold billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach

When economic winter hits, the financial landscape can seem unpredictable. But the global economy always moves in cycles, and with the right financial insights, you’ll begin to notice the patterns. Every action has a reaction – including actions that affect the economy. Whether it’s a bear market or a bull market, it is always a great time to learn about finance basics like inflation, taxes and asset allocation.

We’re coming out of recession, but we’re not recovered yet. Government spending is over 35% of our economy right now. The Producer Price Index (PPI) is at its highest reading in ten years, with over 5% year-over-year inflation. Economic inequality is getting worse. Stocks are overvalued. The tax code needs an overhaul. The deficit is growing. Yet you can take massive action to retake control of your finances. What can you do?

In this exclusive interview, bond-trader extraordinaire, investor and billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach joins Tony at a recent Platinum Financial event for a candid conversation about the current markets and the upcoming political and financial landscape. Gundlach is known for his bold calls, having correctly predicted the housing crash in 2007, and brings his candor to this discussion on inflation, taxes, the US Department of Treasury and more. Listen to the podcast below to learn:

  • How social programs can end up contributing to inequality
  • The latest financial insights on the US stock market
  • A potential asset allocation breakdown you won’t want to miss
  • How to create an “escape hatch” and protect your assets
“You really have to start thinking seriously about where we’re going with all of this money printing, because if history is any sort of a guide, you need to preserve your purchasing power.” – Jeffrey Gundlach

These expert insights from Gundlach will help you begin working toward financial freedom – but you’ll need even more strategies. Gundlach mentions bitcoin, but don’t dive in without learning everything you can about this new currency. You’ll also want to learn more about asset allocation, diversification, real estate investing and more. Find the right opportunities in the current financial landscape and you can build the life of your dreams.


[00:00] Jeffrey Gundlach ID/Intro
[01:50] Where do you see us today and how did we get here?
[02:00] Ben Bernanke
[03:30] How much the federal government is REALLY spending
[04:45] Inflation/ PPI – Producer Price Index
[06:00] K-shaped inflation
[07:30] Money printing and food shortages
[09:00] Government programs for above median household incomes
[10:55] US Dollar as reserve currency/ Value of the dollar
[11:30] Budget deficit in 2021
[13:00] Chinese currency and US Treasury bonds
[14:35] Gundlach’s asset allocation
[16:00] US Stocks are overvalued
[18:30] US Market is no longer outperforming other markets
[19:50] Foreign stocks
[21:15] US Tax code overhaul
[22:50] Farmland and asset allocation changes
[23:55] You protect yourself through ACTION.
[26:45] Corporate tax rates and competition
[27:45] Volatility in upcoming years
[28:30] The means of production and property relations
[30:45] The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe
[31:40] Election predictions
[32:45] Stimulus programs, UBI, and wealth tax
[34:10] Technology and the wealth gap
[36:30] Self-driving vehicles are an unemployment problem
[33:10] Futuristic developments in food
[37:20] Virtuous cycle of life
[37:50] Evolving our educational system
[40:00] The money should follow the student
[41:20] Equal educational opportunities
[42:25] The future is better than the present.
[43:30] Sign off

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