Crew FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Crew Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Makes an Outstanding Crew Member?

  1. Great physiology and unlimited energy (pushes themselves beyond whatever their comfort level is)
  2. Always on time
  3. Takes ownership of their job (resourceful and responsible), looks at each job as an expression of themselves
  4. Is prepared (informed) to help participants with questions (registration, hotel layout, lost and found, etc.)
  5. Sensory acuity regarding the main room (Tony’s tempo, the process going on, movement in back of room and through doors, etc.)
  6. Is here for support and selfless service – not for “getting” from the event
  7. Takes care of themselves (drinks water regularly, is prepared with snacks, takes breaks)
  8. Upstanding in morals and understands that RRI events are not the place to prospect for business
  9. Lives vital life (pure water, live foods, no toxins purposely put into body, movement, breathing)
  10. Flexible (can switch jobs and roles happily and with confidence)

Q: What should I bring when I crew at an event? What should I wear?

For crewing Unleash the Power Within, please see the UPW Crew Recommended Packing List.

For crewing Date With Destiny, please see the DWD Crew Recommended Packing List.

Q: How do I request to crew an event?

Go to the apply to crew page. Read the crewing guidelines to see if you are eligible to crew, then click “Apply to Crew Now.” Once you have logged in, click “My Crew Requests” in the menu. Once on the Crew Requests page, scroll down to see Upcoming Events and when the crew registration is open you can click the rightmost icon to request to crew that event.

Q: When can I apply to crew an event?

Crew requests typically open 4 weeks prior to the start of an event. In once you log in, the list of “Upcoming Events” shows when crew requests open for each listed event.

For updates and announcements, you can like the Tony Robbins Crew Facebook page at:
and follow us on Twitter at

Q: I turned in a crew application, but I haven’t heard from anyone: am I on crew?

We do our best to get through the applications as quickly as possible, and, as you can imagine, there are a lot of them. Also, please check your spam folder, because you should be getting emails that give you updates on your application, as well as any supplemental information we might need from you.

Q: I’m on a waiting list to crew an event. When will I find out if I can crew it?

We’ll contact you if we have any openings. We keep a very detailed list of names, phone numbers and email addresses of people on waiting lists. We always contact people by email, so make sure you keep us updated with your most current email address.

Q: My daughter /son /husband /wife /significant other /family member /best friend is participating at an event: I MUST be there to support them! Do I get preferential treatment if I have a family member or friend participating?

No. Just because you have family or friends participating does not mean that you are automatically on crew. Especially if you don’t sign up until a week before the event. These events fill up fast; plan ahead!

Q: I’m on crew and my family member/friend is participating: can I be in the room with them?

Crewing is a full-time job. You are not a participant. There will be time when you will have a chance to be in the room, but your first obligation is to your team. Besides, sometimes the most exciting things happen outside of the main room! We offer special skill sessions in the crew room at all of our events and we have been known to do board-breaking on occasion.

Q: How do I find a roommate?

Please join the Crew group on Facebook for the event you will be crewing. People post roommate requests there. Otherwise you can wait until you get on-site; there are always people who show up without any arrangements or people who have hotel rooms and are looking for roommates.

Q: What position will I have on crew?

Positions are chosen on-site at the crew registration and first crew meeting. There are plenty of jobs to choose from; you will not be doing the same thing day in and day out. And if you find yourself in a position that is not suitable for you; please let us know and we will find a better spot for you.

Q: I’m not sure of my position responsibilities, what do I do?

Consult the position descriptions on this website, ask your team leader, be resourceful and ask yourself, “What’s my outcome and what do I need to do to fulfill it?”

Q: I don’t feel qualified or good about my position and I’m afraid to ask for a different one.

We want to support you – and remember, you’re here to support Tony, the participants and RRI! Maybe it’s time for you to stretch yourself and step up to a new level. If you’re certain this is not the right position for you at this time, please ask the Crew Manager to help you determine a better one. We want to help you be the best you can be.

Q: I’m given the same position time after time and I’m ready for something new, can I ask for a new one?

Absolutely! Step up and tell us where you’d like to grow and serve.

Q: I saw a fellow Crew Member /Trainer /Coach doing something or treating someone (or me) in a less-than-resourceful way. I don’t want to “tattle,” but I feel like someone needs to know.

Remember, people are not their behaviors, and we are all here to serve and grow. The best thing to do is use the Quality Request and approach the person directly. If not, ask the Crew Manager to help you.

Q: Do we get to spend time with Tony?

Tony’s ultimate outcome is to serve the participants – remember, this is where changing lives begins! Tony couldn’t do this without you and he appreciates that you’ve stepped up to another level, and that’s why he makes sure you have one-on-one interaction with his personally-chosen Crew Manager and Facilitator. It’s important to stay focused on your outcomes too! Why are you here?

Q: How do I find out about future crewing opportunities?

To apply to an upcoming event, go to the apply to crew page. If you are interested in learning about future opportunities for applications that are not yet available, click here to sign up.

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