Relaxation techniques for your life

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When you envision the word “success,” you probably imagine yourself excelling in your field, working diligently. But success is about more than just how well you perform at the office – success is also about how you find balance in life – specifically, how you’re able to relax.

Relaxing is essential to any person’s success – especially the success of those who have high-octane careers. For some reason the ability to relax is something most of us think we should possess automatically, and some may even feel like it is a “waste” to practice relaxing. No wonder we have so much trouble with managing stress! The reality is, given the effectiveness of relaxation techniques for anxiety, sleep, stress and other needs, strategies like relaxation breathing techniques have garnered much-deserved acclaim for providing relief naturally.

Relaxation techniques demand practice. Remember, the definition of “technique” is the way an artist, writer, dancer or athlete employs the technical skills of his or her particular art or field of endeavor. Make these relaxation techniques a part of your life every day so you can master them and reap the benefits. By learning relaxation breathing techniques for calming yourself, you’ll not only find greater success in your professional life, but you’ll experience greater joy in your personal life, too.

The science behind relaxation techniques for anxiety, sleep and stress

When you implement relaxation techniques, you’re embracing a centuries-old mind-body practice for finding healing and wholeness. From relaxation breathing techniques to mindfulness meditation, there are many types of relaxation techniques to choose from. What is the science behind therapeutic relaxation? The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reports on the effectiveness of relaxation techniques for anxiety, stress, insomnia and other issues. Research indicates that relaxation techniques are generally safe and effective for healthy people when used in tandem with holistic and preventative health care practices. Unless you have a medical issue that contraindicates mind-body practices, it can’t hurt to relax.

The importance of relaxation techniques for success

Relaxing isn’t only about stress relief – it’s about living up to your full potential. This is one reason Tony Robbins incorporates relaxation techniques into his daily mindfulness meditation practice. The concept of “state” is central to Tony’s philosophy, which says you can control your mind and emotions by engaging your physical body. Even when you’re stressed out, being aware of how stress feels in your body is actually the first step to taking control. Tuning into your feelings is as straightforward to observing your breath – hence the popularity of relaxation breathing techniques in cultivating mind-body awareness. As you develop awareness, you’re able to notice and adjust any limiting beliefs, putting you well on your way to personal and professional growth.

Relaxation breathing techniques and other strategies

Relaxation breathing techniques are a tool you can use any time.

1. Quick cool down

Feelings of anger and frustration create a heated feeling in your body that you feel the need to react to right away. This is one reason why tempers soar when temperatures rise. But instead of engaging in a powerful burst of anger in the moment and then allowing your body to eventually cool down, use the cool sensation of deep breathing to soothe the feeling from the beginning. Breathe in through your mouth slowly, and exhale through your nose normally. Practice so you get a cooling feeling on your tongue. Take that time to pause and think, too. Repeat this breathing exercise until you’ve diffused the situation and can react in a more logical fashion. With practice, you’ll find that harnessing your breath is one of the most powerful relaxation techniques for anxiety, anger and other “hot” emotions.

2. Stand tall

Your posture has an incredible impact on your mood and performance. The more you hunch over, the more you subject your internal organs to stress and compaction. Squeezing yourself uncomfortably into a space that is too tiny makes you feel powerless. Instead, practice standing tall and owning the space you occupy. Simply changing your posture is one of the easiest yet most effective relaxation techniques for anxiety or stress. By opening up your body and changing your physical state, you’re also clearing up your emotional and mental state.

3. Watch your caffeine

Limiting caffeine may not be one of the first relaxation techniques that pops to mind when you’re dealing with stress, but it makes sense. If you start your day with a serious dose of caffeine, you are sending a big ripple throughout your body in the form of pituitary hormones and adrenaline. And you will also experience the blood pressure spike that comes with lots of caffeine. All of those little changes add up to irritability and impatience – not a great way to relax. If you really want a small caffeine boost at work, opt for green tea instead; it has less caffeine, more healthy antioxidants as well as theanine, a calming amino acid for your nervous system that also improves attention. If you’re looking for ways to produce even more natural energy in your body, try this 10-day pure energy challenge.

4. Use acupressure to instantly relax

Looking for relaxation techniques for anxiety? Acupressure can help. There are nine acupressure points that help relieve anxiety, and applying gentle pressure to one of them will regulate your blood pressure and calm your thudding heart. Try the point called Union Valley, in the web between the index finger and thumb, when you’re at your desk and need a quick fix.

5. Take a song and humor break

When it comes to anxiety or stress, laughter really is the best medicine. Enjoying a good laugh is one of the best muscle relaxation techniques out there! When you’re feeling stressed, nervous or just can’t sit still, doing something as basic as listening to calm music and laughing out loud can help reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and ultimately help to lower blood pressure. Laughing also gives you a refreshing dose of endorphins. Take five when stress is getting to you so you can listen to soothing music or white noise sounds, then follow up with a quick dose of your favorite comedian or a funny viral video. Whatever music and laughter combo you choose, you will feel calmer and more energized when you get back to work.

6. Fine-tune your mindset

Our sense of contentment with life is a function of the stories we tell ourselves. When you tell yourself your best story, you’re able to build confidence, reduce stress and find the energy to achieve your goals. As you practice relaxation techniques, meditate on the notion that true contentment is not just about pursuing your work, but about aligning everything in your life with your mission. You are the author of your own story, so embrace a narrative and lifestyle that align with your values.

Building relaxation techniques into your lifestyle helps you create calm and find your purpose. Get the guidance you need with Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge, your guidebook for overcoming obstacles in life.


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