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UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is Tony Robbins’ cornerstone program: a crash course in taking massive action to change the quality of your life forever. In 3½ of the most empowering, educational, and entertaining days of your life, you won’t just deal with—you will vanquish—anything holding you back from utilizing the force that can instantly change your life. You will learn not merely how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, but how to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you may have thought possible.

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about not waiting any longer. It’s about seizing the power that is already within you and challenging you to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been scripted by your environment, society or anyone else.


  • Break through the fears that hold you back (including unconscious fears).
  • Create momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless.
  • Develop the physical vitality and energy you need to passionately follow through.
  • NEW! Understand and take advantage of recent changes in the economy
  • To secure and build your personal wealth.

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Human needs psychology provides an answer to the age-old question, “Why do human beings do the things they do?” How is it that one person will sacrifice his own life for another, while another person will murder a stranger for sheer pleasure? What creates a Nelson Mandela or a Charles Manson? A Jeffrey Dahmer or a John F. Kennedy? A Unabomber or a Martin Luther King?.

No matter who you are in the world, or what you do, there’s a common force that’s driving and shaping all our emotions and actions. It determines the quality of our lives, and ultimately, our destinies. The universal force is human need. Regardless of who we are – our backgrounds, our professions, our religion, race, or creed – we are all driven, day after day, to fulfill primal needs that have been encoded into our nervous systems over centuries. Although each of us is a unique and special soul, we’re all wired in very much the same way…

There are six human needs—fundamental drives within each one of us—that compel us forward in a quest to experience a life of meaning. There is no conscious effort necessary, our will to satisfy these primal needs is automatic.

How the 6 human needs relate to you.


Why is love blind?

Love: It’s one of the few things in life that can create intense pleasure or intense pain in our lives. It’s the one force that has the power to put you on top of the clouds or in a deep, dark hole. Yet, no matter how much experience we gain in love, it seems like […]


How to rekindle a relationship

Have you ever started or stoked a fire? If so, you know that you have to use kindling. You also know that the smallest spark can eventually become a roaring blaze. Once the fire has reached its full potential, you maintain it and it stays strong – or you neglect it and it dies out. […]


Healthy expectations in a relationship

Pointless arguing in a relationship: Many people do it but most of us don’t understand it and are perplexed by it. Everyone knows a couple who constantly bickers or has conflict – maybe that’s even you and your partner. Maybe you argue so frequently that it’s become the norm. Is this really what to expect […]


Improve your tone of voice in communication

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Tone of voice often means much more than what you say In his book, The Relationship Cure, Dr. Gottman reveals that when it comes to assessing the meaning of communication in relationships, only 7% of that meaning comes from the spoken word, while 38% comes […]


How to keep a relationship alive

“Long distance never works.” “The seven-year itch is real.” “Children always kill romance.” “You can’t have love and a successful career. You have to choose.” Chances are you’ve heard at least one of these statements, or a variation on the theme, from someone you know. One of the most common myths about long-term relationships is […]


How to deal with uncertainty

We’ve figured out how to control most things in our lives – our bodies, our weight, our work. But relationships? That’s something different altogether. We can’t control someone else’s heart, and because of that, there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty in relationships. Sadly, it is this uncertainty that causes many of us to put […]

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